Quoted in Forbes Council Post: 14 Revealing Questions To Ask When Prioritizing Multiple Tech Projects

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Publications


7. What are this project’s potential ROI and risk factors?

When managing and prioritizing tech projects, my mind immediately wants to assess how critical and urgent the need is. I am most interested in ROI and risk. I think of this as impact data. The question I’d generally ask has two parts: What impact will this project have on our business, and how critical is the timing of the project in terms of its impact?

Author: WebDevRobert

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Innovative Technology Professional, working on IT/OT Convergence & Security, in the foundry industry. Website Designer/Developer since the mid 1990’s. Apple, Linux and Network Administrator since the late 1990’s. Background includes several years of IT/OT and IIoT Administration, Communications Infrastructure Design and Project Management. Currently the VP of Technology for Oil City Iron Works, Inc., in Corsicana, TX.

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