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Like the First Five WordPress Plugins I install these Next Five WordPress Plugins with every WordPress installation.

The five plugins listed below, are essentially numbers 6-10, in the natural progression I follow, for every WordPress Website I administer.

WordPress Plugins 6-10, assist with managing user interactions.

It never takes too long for a WordPress powered website to be found. Within a few days, sometimes within hours (even minutes), end users will start to sign up. Without these next five plugins, a person can go absolutely crazy, trying to keep up with all the bogus user account registrations and comment spam.

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6. Theme My Login:
The Theme My Login, by Jeff Farthing does a lot. It integrates your WordPress theme with the login, registration and password recovery pages. It also limits fake user account registrations, by requiring account confirmation via the supplied e-mail address (or be approved by an admin). It does all this without HTML5 validation issues.
7. Contact Form 7:
The Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin, by Takayuki Miyoshi, is a completely customizable contact form without HTML5 validation issues. It has been downloaded over 3,200,000 times and other plugin developers build “child” plugins, to further enhance its capabilities. It may be the best contact form plugin available for WordPress (fee or free).
8. Really Simple CAPTCHA:
Spam is always going to be a problem when there are forms embedded in web sites. The Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin, also by Takayuki Miyoshi, adds a layer of protection to contact forms created using the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin. This plugin requires input of characters displayed on the screen. These characters change with each page load. While Really Simple CAPTCHA isn’t considered the strongest security you can get, it does a great job, without adding bloat to your web site and without any HTML5 validation issues.
9. Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress:
Akismet and the Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress plugin, by Samir Shah, work together to fight comment spam. When Akismet identifies a comment as spam, the commenter will be asked to complete a simple CAPTCHA. Spam is automatically discarding (or trashing) if the CAPTCHA is failed. The comment is passed into the spam queue (or automatically approved) if the CAPTCHA is passed. An authentic (or genuine) commenter, not flagged by Akismet, will be able to comment without the CAPTCHA. There is even a cool option to utilize Google’s reCAPTCHA API.
10. WP-UserAgent:
The WP-UserAgent WordPress plugin, by Kyle Baker, logs the operating system and web browser used to post comments. This plugin can display numerous variations of operating systems and web browsers. You can choose text and/or graphical display options. All of this is available without HTML5 validation issues.

If your WordPress website was designed and built, using HTML5 and CSS3 valid code, validation should not fail, after the installation of these specific WordPress plugins.

If you need help with your WordPress website, WordPress plugins or HTML5/CSS3 validation, hire a professional to help.