Here again, Facebook users really need to wake up!

FACEBOOK ALERT: The link circulating around Facebook “OMG SHOCKING GIRL DIES! (Not Fake) Prank Gone WRONG!” is also a SCAM, even potentially dangerous.

You may have even seen it recently, even though it is said to have occurred years ago! It was already out this year around August/September.

How do I know it is a scam?

  1. is for Facebook applications. When a person or group wants to raise awareness of something, it usually isn’t in the form of an app.
  2. Facebook already integrates directly with YouTube and most other video content without using a 3rd party Facebook Application.
  3. is NOT a genuine iphone app. It is a link to app that will hijack your Facebook user account.
  4. On the event page, the Facebook Application link is obfuscated by a url shortener.
  5. If you click on the obfuscated link, you are directed to, and then asked to this BOGUS Facebook Application permissions to just about all the info in your Facebook profile.

This Facebook message is very likely to have ties to Browser-Hijacks, Click-Jacking, Mal-ware, Spy-ware and Virus activity. In fact, if you clicked on the message, the app, or the fake video it is highly likely your Windows Computer is now infected. If you use Windows and Internet Explorer, I would go as far as saying, YOUR PC IS INFECTED. If you went through the steps to read about this tragic story and are not running Linux like me, have your computer checked out by a professional.

If you want more information about this kind of FACEBOOK SCAM read the “FACEBOOK ALERT: This Girl Killed Herself After Dad Posted This On Her Wall – SCAM” article I wrote several days ago.