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Hello world!

by | Nov 30, 2008 | Uncategorized

The original “Hello World” post has been modified (by me).

Welcome to the website; a Blog Ready Website, Powered by WordPress. It is finally here!

This website has undergone some major updates and changes. The graphical changes may be obvious to you, but the most beneficial changes, may not be so obvious.

The old website provided a lot of information, but the information wasn’t well organized. While looking for a CMS, organization, navigation and ease of use, were atop the list of needed features. I wanted all these improvements, while still making the same information available.

WordPress seems to stand out above everything else, especially with the number of available plug-ins and themes. It appears WordPress will provide this website’s visitors, the best web experience possible.

The ability to add more content, faster, is fantastic. The addition of blog functionality also provides a dynamic means to circulate information, while keeping it organized. The changes will take a while to get used to, as will sticking to a consistent posting cycle. Please pardon any issues while this website grows and improves.


UPDATE: This post is old and has been modified for use in new WordPress Theme Designs. In some cases, Categories, Tags and/or the actual Content has been modified. Content found in this post may be dated and irrelevant and should be used with caution. This post may be original to this site or may have come from one of many other WordPress-powered websites I’ve run since 2008. All previous websites have been shuttered; though new ones may pop up in the future.




Innovative Technology Professional, working on IT/OT Convergence & Security, in the foundry industry. Website Designer/Developer since the mid 1990’s. Apple, Linux and Network Administrator since the late 1990’s. Background includes several years of IT/OT and IIoT Administration, Communications Infrastructure Design and Project Management. Currently the Director of Technology for Oil City Iron Works, Inc., in Corsicana, TX.

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