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Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech preys on Small Businesses in and around Stillwater, Minnesota. Beware of this scam to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech Scams are two of the same. Tony Smieja is the Owner, Operator, Sales Manager and only employee of Patriot Web Tech.

Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech Scamming Businesses

Tony Smieja promotes Patriot Web Tech as a Web Design, Hosting and Online Marketing Company. Tony Smieja, acting as the sales person, sells Web Design, Hosting and/or Online Marketing services, to his unsuspecting clients. Often times, these sales include 25-50% down, Which is common in the industry. The difference is, once Tony has your money, he runs off with it.

Surely I wouldn’t make these kinds of claims, without proof, right?

How about some information from the Better Business Bureau?

Patriot Web Tech is not a BBB member, but his company is building up a pretty unsatisfactory report, anyway. Check out these Business Reviews.

The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce was one of the victims of the Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech Scams. Feel free to contact them for yourself at (651) 439-4001. When I contacted them I got the following email response:

I am sorry this happened to you. It has happened to a number of people in the area. He is good with the “excuses” isn’t he? We paid him an amount of money to redo our website – as well as getting complimentary Chamber membership. He never delivered so we canceled our work with him, asked him for the money back (hah!) and he is no longer part of our Chamber. Thank you for the heads up on this and I will make sure everyone here knows this info on him.

Tony Smieja only recently removed the Chamber Membership Badge from the Patriot Web Tech website. It used to appear directly below the feather banners, on the right hand side.

In fact, I haven’t talked to a single business, who has had dealings with Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech, who will vouch for him, or his business. Some of these businesses have even had to forfeit their website, altogether.

If all this isn’t enough, lets look at the Patriot Web Tech, Facebook Page. You can click the link I just provided, or you can go to his website and click the Facebook link, he provides. Either way you do it, it isn’t there any more.

What happened to it, you ask?

Facebook took it down, because so many people reported it as a scam.

Even the Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech Twitter Account is suspect. It hasn’t been used by it’s owner, since November 28th of 2012. There has been activity, just search for @PatriotWebTech or #PatriotWebTech on Twitter. Be careful if you want to provide feedback for others to read. Those people who try to inform the public, about the scams this company is running, will immediately get blocked by the PatriotWebTech Twitter account.

If you are a business, who got scammed by Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech, or you want more information about the businesses who did get scammed, contact me through my website.

Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech Scamming Employees

As if it wasn’t bad enough, to scam businesses, Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech also scams their employees. Tony may seem like a nice enough guy, on the phone and in his emails, but there is a sinister scheme at work, from the very first time you start working with him.

How do I know?

I responded to an ad, looking to hire a person, with my skill set. After a couple email conversations and a telephone call, I went to my first interview. After a second interview, I was “HIRED” to work for Patriot Web Tech, reporting directly to Tony Smieja.

After nearly three months of trying everything I could, to help this douche, I cut ties with Tony Smieja and Patriot Web Tech. I reported him and his business practices to as many business organizations as I could come up with. I cooperated with Facebook, in an effort to get his Facebook Page suspended and eventually removed. I contacted former clients, to see if there was anything I could do to help.

Finally, I filed a report with the City of Oak Park Heights, Police Department (Case Number 13701079). I had an officer observe, as I removed my personal property, from the offices of Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech, after the officer verified photographic evidence of my ownership and an email communication from Tony Smieja, himself.

What Does Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech have to Say?

Well, not much, though I did get a full admission of guilt. I took a screenshot of the email he sent me and which I had the Police Officer from above, read.

Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech Admission of Guilt Email

As of the posting of this article, Tony Smieja has only paid $100 of a much, much larger bill.

Report Tony Smieja Patriot Web Tech

If you have had dealings with this scam artist, or his business, and feel you were wronged by him, I suggest that you:

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau through the Complaints Link on their Website.
  • Contact The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce at (651) 439-4001.
  • Call the City of Oak Park Heights, Police Department at (651) 439-4723. Reference Case Number 13701079 and ask to speak with the original officer. He was understanding and eager to help.
  • Post your issue as a comment to this post, so everyone else can read it, too.

If I can help, at any point, let me know, through this website. I have over 400 email communications with this scammer and would be happy to turn them over for any type of legal proceeding, against Tony Smieja and/or Patriot Web Tech.