Internet Exploiter The Poltergeist“I’m Back” – Is Internet Exploiter The Poltergeist?

Ok, I know Internet Exploiter (IE) still has the largest Web Browser Market Share. But why?

It sure isn’t a result of developing a superior web browser. Quite frankly, Micro$lop’s IE sucks and Micro$lop doesn’t care.

The real reason has more of a “sexual” nature. Micro$lop is in bed with the largest companies in the world. Micro$lop easily exploits the fact that those running the companies, are incapable of making technology decisions on their own.

Internet Exploiter Creates Jobs

If businesses didn’t use Micro$lop, they wouldn’t need half their IT departments. That would mean tremendous margin improvements to investors, but massive layoffs of Micro$lop sell-outs.

Micro$lop is Loosing Control

Micro$lop is loosing control and they can’t stand it. Micr$lop’s IE usage always peaks after a new OS release, but I would venture to say, beyond this graphic, there are other stories, not being told (like mobile browser market share).

Micro$lop says: “Use other Web Browsers”

I find it absolutely hysterical that Micro$lop is now encouraging the usage of other web browsers, to test a website’s compatibility for IE (See Microsoft taps BrowserStack to launch Modern.IE, aims to ease the pain of IE testing for devs). For me, this just shows how Micro$lop is conceding the browser war. They are basically saying: “We know we suck. We know people are rapidly moving to other, better, more stable web browsers. We’re to arrogant to actually listen to our user base and fix the issues we have, but please, please please, don’t forget about us.”

Little Fish – Big, Big Pond

I am a 33 year old Internet Professional and I have been working in the Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Web Design industries since 1997. Even at my size, I know I’m a little fish, in a big, big pond. I know Micro$lop could care less what my opinion is and I’m ok with that. Though, I spend very little time developing my own website (, I spend a lot of time developing websites and consulting on IT, for small/medium businesses.

I never recommend the usage of Micro$lop!

Businesses wanting Stability, Security, Piece of mind and Better ROI, will never use Micro$lop (including Internet Exploiter). The rest are pulling their pants down (or skirts up – so that I’m not sexist), for Micro$lop.