I love Wine.

Besides the health benefits, Wine prevents me from having major headaches.

Wait… What?

How does Wine prevent me from having major headaches, you ask?

For me, Wine eliminates the major headaches associated with micro$oft windoz, by allowing me to use software developed for windoz, on my Kubuntu desktop.

Yes, I’m talking about software. You’re thinking about alcohol.

Wine is a way to port (ha ha, “port” is a wine) micro$oft windoz applications, for use on Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

YEAH! I don’t need micro$oft windoz any more!

Can’t the same thing be accomplished with other emulators?
Well, most emulators function as a virtual machine. These emulators can be really slow because they have to emulate each processor instruction. Wine Is Not an Emulator. Wine is more of an application interface for operating systems other than micro$oft windoz.
Why use Wine instead of micro$oft windoz?
Ultimately, Wine hopes to make windoz unnecessary, by providing a completely reimplemented windoz API. In this regard, Wine gives people another choice, they may not have had before. You can choose from Linux operating systems, which cost you nothing. You can choose Apple’s OS X on a Macintosh computer. You can choose FreeBSD or Solaris. You can choose from all these other options, instead of being forced to use micro$oft windoz, just because you need to use a specific piece of software and it is only compatible with micro$oft windoz.
Will all windoz software work with Wine?
The short answer is no. However, more and more titles are being ported all the time. Wine maintains a database of over 9800 applications, to date. Many of the windoz only applications you need to use, my already be listed. Check out the list, here.

In today’s economy, linux is cheap. In most cases, you wont have to pay anything to install linux on your computer. Linux is more reliable than micro$oft windoz. If it is properly configured, linux is much more stable and not prone to the millions of viruses developed to attack only micro$oft windoz and micro$oft applications.

If you are not running linux yet, let me recommend Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu or Kubuntu. Ubuntu is probably most popular, but Kubuntu has a much more robust GUI. Both Ubuntu and Kubuntu are based off of Debian GNU/Linux.

I use a little of all three, but my production desktop is Kubuntu.

To install Wine in Kubuntu, open the Konsole and type:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine

Once Wine is installed, you are ready to install the needed micro$oft windoz software you can’t live without.