Yesterday, and article called Tests show that Internet Explorer is the safest browser against malware – Wait, what? was posted on The Next Web.

In it, TNW author Alex Wilhelm , shows how micro$oft (M$) is touting a 99% effectiveness rating on their Internet Explorer 9 and a 90% effectiveness on their Internet Explorer 8 in blocking mal-ware.

Are you kidding me?

The only time I have ever seen mal-ware issues is when using Internet Explorer (IE). The last time I experienced mal-ware issues, I was using IE 8 on windoz xp. If you read my Dependability, Reliability and Stability? Not with micro$oft! article, I talk a little about what happened. Sure I didn’t go into great detail about the specific issue I encountered, but you know I left the clutches of micro$oft for good.

At the end of all this, I came to a vital realization, with permanent implications. Dependability, reliability and stability are just not something provided by anything with micro$oft’s name on it. As such, I have decided I will not waste any more of my time or money with micro$oft windoz.

The criminal organization known as micro$oft, never quits trying to confuse the public.

micro$oft’s claims are based on “internal” data. They always are. micro$oft has not and will not speak about any kind of independent studies performed on their products because independent studies never favor anything from their company. Time and time again, independent studies show how bad micro$oft’s products are.

The only way micro$oft can show any type of study, favoring something they make, is to create the study around their products.

QUESTION: Why do people continue to buy micro$oft products?

ANSWER: micro$oft confuses them with the billions of dollars in marketing.

Even now, these results are circulating the globe. People are reading this thinking maybe IE isn’t so bad after all.


micro$oft ran tests using their most up to date browsers and comparing it with out of date competition.

Let me show you

  1. Windows Internet Explorer 9 pre-BETA (9.0.7930.16402)
  2. Windows Internet Explorer 8 (build 8.0.7600.16385)
  3. Google Chrome v6.0.472.63
  4. Mozilla Firefox v3.6.10
  5. Opera v10.62 (build 3500)
  6. Safari v5.0.1 (7533.17.8)

IE 9 is was in pre-BETA and they didn’t test it against Chrome 9, also getting ready to be released. The standard version of Chrome being used today is Chome 8. I’m writing this piece on Google Chrome 8.0.552.224 yet none of this version was included in the test.

I also have Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 installed and Firefox 4 is in BETA.

Opera 10.63 is out and Opera 11 is in BETA.

Apple’s Safari 5.0.3 is the most current version. Also, when talking about Safari, you have to take something else into consideration. Safari was built for the Macintosh OS X and iOS platforms. Safari, when used with the OS X or iOS platforms, have nearly zero mal-ware and virus issues. Let’s see M$ use that in one of their studies!

You can see micro$oft intentionally used old, outdated software to show better statistics for themselves. I know there would be some laps in versions during the testing period. However, micro$oft still failed to use any impending BETA release of other web browsers in their testing. Gee, I wonder why?

Rather than mindlessly, continuing to buy micro$oft Products, people should adamantly refuse to buy them, insteads. Buy Apple, Google or other Linux products instead. You will have less problems! Don’t tell me you can’t learn to do it. I have retired clients who switched just this year, so you can too!

Additionally, groups of people should file lawsuit after lawsuit against micro$oft. micro$oft should have to pay everyone who has ever owned one of their products, for all their lies, false advertising and unvalidated claims.

In the end, micro$oft is nothing more than a billion dollar marketing machine for trashcan software (micro$oft Internet Explorer and others).