If it was so easy, why isn’t everyone already doing it?

FACEBOOK ALERT: The Facebook Group “Making $300-500 a day Online is Easy” has been restricted by eBay. The administrators have been removed and the group is currently unmanaged.

This particular scam grew pretty big, pretty fast and then died out as fast as it started.

The group still has over 100,000 group members associated with it. Yet members cannot post any new content.

I have a good feeling quite a few of the users are fake accounts. The rest of the users are all marketers of some sort. They are all looking for a way to make money doing nothing.

Though you can’t post anything new to the wall of this group, people continue to post comments. New comments are just as bad as the original group. These comments are advertising all kinds of “Get Rich Quick” schemes, MLM programs and pyramid schemes. Some are even trying to get people involved in another attempt at making a global currency (BEWARE: You get paid in that GLOBAL CURRENCY too!)

Most of the people who posted on the wall and started a conversation have very restricted personal Facebook accounts. This tells me any business opportunities offered in this group, are shady, at best.