Scams are all over on the internet. We’ve all seen them:

Get your FREE iPAD

The WOW factor Online Pharmacy

My System will make you MONEY – FAST! Sure it will, don’t you trust me?

We all see this stuff all the time. We see the adds on search engines. We see adds in our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. We even get the adds in our email.

Today, in my own email inbox, I had solicitations from people trying to get me to fall for one of their Search Engine Optimization Email Scams.

Mary Smith writes:

Message body:
I’ve helped hundreds of companies increase their traffic and I’d love to show you what my service can do for you. I don’t promise the world, I’m straight forward and to the point … I deliver rankings. My rates are completely affordable and I don’t want to oversell you either, I start small and have my clients begging for more. I won’t take on your site unless I know I can deliver rankings. Reply to this e-mail if you have the slightest interest … you’ll never see rankings the same way again.

In order for us to respond to your request for information, please include your company’s website address (mandatory) and or phone number.

Mary Smith

This mail was delivered to you from


Brett Babb writes:

Message body:
Do you wish you could increase your online leads? We have helped a lot of businesses thrive in this market and we can help you! Simply hit reply and I’ll share with you the cost and the benefits.

Brett Babb
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

This mail was delivered to you from

Yes those are the actual emails sent to me. Yes, those are the real email addresses they provided. Yes, the phone numbers listed are the phone numbers they gave me to contact. Yes, both emails were received on the exact same day.

I love the fact I was contacted using my personal web site’s contact form, but they still need my web address.

I also find it odd, they are soliciting services to me using GMail email accounts ( instead of an official company email. No legitimate corporation is going to use a gmail account for emails.

The usernames (Part of email address before the they chose to use draws even more question. No legitimate corporation is going to use “maryinternetmarketing” for Mary Smith and “backyjack27” for Brett Babb?

Needless to say, I don’t buying online leads, search services or anything else from a business who markets in this manner. Neither should you!