Ok everyone…

I have written before about several scams I have found. Just recently, I found another one. Yesterday, as I was going through the junk mail, I saw a letter from Automatic Merchandising Services. This letter was addressed to me by first and last name, and included a business card listing my name as the business owner. It also listed major product brands like Dr Pepper, Pringles, 7Up Oreo, Monster, Nestle, Starkist, Hostess and Campbell’s Soup.

Right away, I started searching the internet to see what I could find about the company. You can do your own search on Google by clicking here.

I found a couple articles listed on Rip Off Report.comgiving me an idea about the legitimacy of this business. See them by clicking here or here.

I’m already in a career I love, but something about the letter intrigued me. So, I read more. I’m told about the “fantastic home-based business” I can run part-time while I keep my job. (Gee, Thanks! Really?) They tell me I’m going to get a $1150.00 rebate check if I decide to start in this business, and I don’t even need to bring my checkbook when attending the sales demonstration.

The letter is signed by the National Director L. Printz. They list an 800 number to have my rebate check rushed to me. The phone number (800) 669-8064 is what was listed. I looked it up too, and found a lot more information about other people who had gotten the same letter I did.

The second time around, I saw some fine print at the bottom of the first page. It was shown in italics with an asterisk. It said “Wealth Builders is a service trademark of Planet Antares, Inc. 5700 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, CA 90230.” This seemed odd to me, as it was the same address listed on the envelope. Digging more, let me to so many more sites with mad people or articles about FTC law suites and so on.

Even the Better Business Bureau has a plethera of complaints listed. See them here.

If you have questions about a business being a scam, Rip Off Report and the Better Business Bureau are the best place to start. If you have problems finding enough information about a business to get an accurate idea of how they operate, use the comments section of this article to voice your concern.