It is important your Linux system have the correct time and date. The correct time and date plays a roll in event logging, updating and many other functions.

This article will walk you through setting the correct time and date in KDE.

  1. Assuming you are already logged into the KDE GUI, Find the Time display (usually in the lower Right-Hand Corner of the screen with a default configuration, though it could be at the top or either side of the screen as well.) and drag your cursor over it. This will display a bubble showing the current date and time.
  2. With your mouse, single Right-Click to bring up the “Clock” menu. Select the “Adjust Date & Time” Option by a single Left-Click of your mouse. (If you are logged in as a general user, you will be prompted for the password of a user on the system who is authorized to make these changes. If you followed our Configure Root Access to KDE GUI in Debian GNU/Linux guide, and are logged into the KDE GUI as the “root” user, you will not be prompted for a password.)
  3. Set the correct Date in the calendar section.
  4. Set the correct Time (24 Hour/Military format) in the Clock section. Select the City/Region/Time Zone that is closest to your own.
  5. Click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the screen. (FYI: When you click apply your screen may go black or blank. DO NOT WORRY! Simply wait 30 seconds. If what was displaying on the screen does not return automatically in that time, hit the [enter] key on your key board, to restore the display on screen.)
  6. Your Time and Date should now be accurate!

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