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Innovative Technology Professional, working on IT/OT Convergence & Security, in the foundry industry.

Apple, Linux, Microsoft, Cyber Security, DevOps, Network & IT/OT Administrator. Dashboard, Graphic & Website Designer. Web Developer.

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2024 Tech Trends Businesses Should Start Preparing For Now

1. Addressing Potential Power Grid Instability

“In my opinion, power grid instability is an underestimated risk. The entirety of the technology industry requires power. As more demand is placed on the power grid, more failures will occur. Businesses need to start preparing now to be more energy-efficient and self-reliant in 2024. Business continuity plans for 2024 should likely include considerations for power redundancy.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Sep 27, 2023, 11:15am EDT

17 Reasons To Conduct Manual Testing Of Websites And Software

7. It Allows More Consideration Of Ergonomic And Intuitive Design

“Manual testing gives you a better look into end user interactions. Every end user is different, but automated testing cannot adequately consider that. Manual testing allows more consideration of the impact of ergonomic and intuitive design on an end users’ work efficiency. Automated testing best focuses on calculation and task repetition.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Sep 26, 2023, 01:15pm EDT

20 Expert Tips For Tech Leaders Tasked With Leading Digitization

20. Provide Time For Learning And Experimentation

“Digitization will be a big change for people, and some may find it overwhelming. However, end users are more accepting of change when they have time to learn and experiment at their own pace—in a more natural, organic fashion—rather than being forced into a “take it or leave it” approach to adoption. Make sure to allow ample time for your end users to learn and experiment.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Sep 26, 2023, 10:15am EDT

20 Tips For Building Comprehensive And Effective Internal Tech Tools

19. Clearly Define And Document The Scope And Requirements

“Developer bias should be easily removed by clearly defining the project scope and requirements, but this can only happen if the right project team is created at the beginning. The project sponsor needs to have a vested interest in the tool’s diversity and success, and each team that will be using the tool should be represented by a qualified systems analyst and a subject matter expert.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Sep 7, 2023, 02:00pm EDT

User Personas: 17 Strategies To Ensure They’re Accurate And Effective

17. Remember That Not Every User Will Be A ‘Perfect Fit’

“While creating user or customer personas, it is important to remember personas are fictional representations of ideal users or customers, not actual people. Some “real” people will align better; some, not so much. However, all people—whether they’re ideal users or customers or not—should be treated with empathy, kindness and respect.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Aug 31, 2023, 03:15pm EDT

12 Things Consumers Should Know About ISPs And Internet Service

3. You Need To Know How Many Devices You Have Connected

“When subscribing to a metered connection service (for example, cellular or satellite service), consumers need to be aware of how many personal, Internet of Things and automation devices they have connected. Often, these devices use bandwidth even when you think they’re powered off or idle. Too many unmanaged or unsupervised devices can lead to loss of service early in the month or an exceptionally high bill due to overages.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Aug 16, 2023, 08:15am EDT

20 Everyday Challenges For Tech Leaders (And How To Handle Them)

17. Sticking To A Budget

“I think adhering to a budget is often very difficult. Technology ages as fast as it advances, and technology failures can bring work to a halt. My advice is to learn all the intricacies of your environment. Prioritize needs over wants, and try to be as involved in the budgeting process as possible. Doing so allows you to set realistic expectations for those making the budgeting decisions.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Jul 20, 2023, 01:15pm EDT

14 Essential Factors Of Smart Tech Team Vacation Planning

8. Prioritize Knowledge Distribution

“Well-managed and adequately staffed tech teams should be able to seamlessly operate when a team member takes a vacation. This can only happen if knowledge distribution has been a priority. Knowledge distribution is achieved through cross-training and mentorship. It is not enough to have warm bodies covering shifts; those bodies need the know-how to effectively handle situations as they arise.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Jul 14, 2023, 08:15am EDT

15 Tech Leaders’ Top Layperson-Friendly Resources For Tech News

7. Morning Brew’s IT Brew And Tech Brew

“I think IT Brew and Tech Brew (brands of the Morning Brew website) are great resources for people in and out of IT. They are available on the website, via email and on various social platforms. I like the simple, minimalistic approach of presenting content and how the creators have shown restraint in displaying advertisements. Yes, they have ads, but they’re carefully placed so as not to distract from the information.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Jul 11, 2023, 01:15pm EDT

20 Tech Vulnerabilities Business And Industry Need To Address Now

5. Total Investment In Cloud Infrastructure

“From enterprise resource planning systems to office productivity tools and from data backups to high-availability service, any substantial cloud infrastructure failure can cripple—even shutter—businesses. Whether from hacking, power grid failures, viruses or, heaven forbid, an act of war, the “cloud” itself is always at risk. To address this vulnerability, companies should divest from the cloud and reinvest in on-premises and on-device solutions.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Jul 3, 2023, 01:15pm EDT

19 Ways AI May Soon Revolutionize The Healthcare Industry

10. Indexing Common Health Markers

“I imagine a blockchain-enabled medical resource with an evolving AI. The AI will learn by ingesting patient, practice and research data and will create an index of common markers among patients and medical conditions. This could allow medical researchers to see a much bigger picture and could provide doctors with much more accurate information, on demand, when treating their patients.”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Apr 18, 2023, 08:15am EDT

14 Revealing Questions To Ask When Prioritizing Multiple Tech Projects

7. What are this project’s potential ROI and risk factors?

“When managing and prioritizing tech projects, my mind immediately wants to assess how critical and urgent the need is. I am most interested in ROI and risk. I think of this as impact data. The question I’d generally ask has two parts: What impact will this project have on our business, and how critical is the timing of the project in terms of its impact?”

Robert Martin, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. ‐ Published Feb 15, 2023, 01:15pm EST


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